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99% Natural using essential oils for more gradual results
Yon-Ka uses a combination of Phytotherapy (plant cell actives), Aromatherapy, and their signature Quintessence blend made up of Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cypress, and Thyme. Yon-Ka’s priority is to provide visible and lasting results, by giving back the skin its natural ability to regain and maintain its balance, its health and its beauty, and acting in an effective manner on its dermatological issues and aging process.
This product line relies on an in-house scientific experts committee (including PhD pharmacists, dermatologists, biologists, chemical engineers, bacteriologists) with rigorous standards for the clinical evaluation of the efficacy of the products marketed. A Yon-Ka facial treatment is a unique and expert alchemy bringing together the hand of the therapist which feels, the tool that reinforces its action, and the essential oils that enhance the overall experience.
Treatment grade products offering fast results with no downtime
Innovative Skincare developed iS Clinical Products, which focus on serious, long-term results. iS Clinical carefully assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians who are responsible for some of the greatest advances in skin care and anti-aging medicine. Creating skincare solutions that work effectively requires precise chemical formulation, extensive knowledge of dermatological bio-chemistry, and the highest-grade ingredients available. Fighting visible signs of aging has never been easier thanks to this proven line of products. Their unique combination of ingredients can improve skin's condition while leaving it hydrated. No matter your skin concern, iS Clinical has developed a product that treats your problem area. This full line of products, ranging from cleansers and moisturizers to eye products and sunscreens, treats an array of problems, including rosacea, dark circles, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne, puffiness, and redness.
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Experience massage and body treatments that’ll leave you feeling brand new. Our Yon-ka & iS Clinical facials will have your skin rejuvenated and improved. You deserve a little escape.
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