Ocean Breeze Wrap

Ocean Breeze Wrap
Get started with a full-body dry brush to remove dry skin and increase circulation followed by a soothing layer of algae, or seaweed on your legs, arms, and back. We'll wrap you up in a thermal blanket and let the sea do her magic while you get an over the moon scalp and foot massage including hot towels. You'll be gently unwrapped and we'll remove the product with our soft, warm towels and finish with a body cream to hydrate your skin.


Algae - Lavender essential oil, Chamomile, Marigold, Lime and Cornflower extracts combine with Marine Algae, Kelp and Glycerin to stimulate circulation, promote cell regeneration, soothe and heal skin, leaving it soft and refreshed. High in Deep Sea Therapy!
Seaweed - This penetrating, mineral-rich natural seaweed gel stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from environmental pollutants as well as inherent stress-related free radicals.
$110 /60 minutes
Ocean Breeze Wrap and Massage Package $185 /120 minutes (this is a loose wrap)
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