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Massage Treatments

At Massage and Spa at Bethany, we offer therapeutic and relaxation massage options. We hand-pick only the best therapists to customize a massage that meets your unique needs. Every massage can be modified to address pain, tension, and your level of stress.

Stress and Tension Relief

Relax, Indulge, and Find Your Bliss

Pure Bliss

30 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 120 Mins
$70 | $120 | $140 | $160 | $180

Choose the pressure you need for your perfect experience. Soft sheets, heated table, and nurturing hands. Choose an essential oil for an aromatherapy experience that will transport you to your happy place. We use the best quality lotion or oil to massage away the stress and tension. Let us take care of you for an hour or two.

Hot Stone

75 | 90 | 120 Mins
$150 | $170 | $185

A delightful warm treatment using heated Himalayan salt stones to melt away tension. Hot Stone is our most relaxing massage, it brings heat to the muscles, and increases circulation in the tissues. An excellent way to destress. Himalayan salt stones offer the added benefits of light exfoliation and emit positive ions. This service will have you saying, what stress?

Pain Relief

Restore Your Body and Mind

Workday Detox

75 Mins — $145

A Pain Relieving Massage. This offers 15 extra minutes to work on those sore areas while still allowing time for a full body massage. This is a firm massage that includes cupping, hot towels, and Sombra pain reliever gel. Suction cups are applied to areas of tension to help with releasing connective tissue that is stuck and causes decreased range of motion, Sombra is a natural topical ointment that comes in a cooling or warming (your choice or your therapist can recommend one for you).

Pain Annihilator

60 Mins — $130
90 Mins — $165

This is the perfect service for those who have chronically tense muscles and/or joint pain. A deep tissue massage and more. We will use a massage creme infused with glucosamine and natural botanicals of Boswellia, Devil's Claw, Lemon Bioflavonoids to help promote joint wellness and muscle tissue health. But wait, there‘s more. We will use extra hot towels to soften and soothe those tight areas, and apply our natural sombra pain reliever gel. Sombra soothes the central nervous system leaving you feeling more relaxed and with less pain. End this pain relieving massage with and over the moon scalp massage.


Balance and Unwind

Pregnancy Massage

60 | 90 | 120 Mins
$120 | $160 | $180

Being pregnant brings so many changes, physical and psychological. Let us help you relax and help alleviate the stress of those changes. We will have you lay comfortably on your side on our warm, soft sheets. You will be surrounded by fluffy pillows for comfort. Let go while your therapist expertly massages away tension and stress.

Back Massage

Natural Balance

90 Mins — $160

Created especially for women experiencing symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. We begin this service with a full-body dry brush exfoliation to help increase circulation and decrease puffiness followed by a full-body massage with our exclusive oil blend. We have combined essential oils to address an array of symptoms. Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Basil, and Geranium oils help reduce hot flashes and cortisol levels while also naturally supporting estrogen levels. The massage itself will help reduce tension and stress and help with insomnia. Your therapist will also apply pressure with massage to specific acupressure points on the body to help stimulate the adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid, and pituitary glands to better regulate hormone production, and thereby help minimize hot flashes and night sweats. We will balance out this service with an aromatherapy scalp massage. (A great experience even if you are not going through menopause. Not pregnancy safe)

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