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Massage Treatments

At Massage and Spa at Bethany, we offer therapeutic and relaxation massage options. We hand-pick only the best therapists to customize a massage that meets your unique needs. Every massage can be modified to address pain, tension, and your level of stress.

Stress and Tension Relief

Relax, Indulge, and Find Your Bliss

Pure Bliss

30 | 60 | 90 | 120 Mins
$65 | $115 | $150 | $175

5 Pack — 60 Min — $500
5 Pack — 90 Min — $625

Choose the pressure you need for your perfect experience. Soft sheets, heated table, and nurturing hands. Choose an essential oil for an aromatherapy experience that will transport you to your happy place. We use the best quality lotion or oil to massage away the stress and tension. Let us take care of you for an hour or two.

Hot Stone

75 | 90 | 120 Mins
$145 | $165 | $180

A delightful warm treatment using heated Himalayan salt stones to melt away tension. Hot Stone is our most relaxing massage, it brings heat to the muscles, and increases circulation in the tissues. An excellent way to destress. Himalayan salt stones offer the added benefits of light exfoliation and emit positive ions. This service will have you saying, what stress?

Blissful Escape

120 Mins — $190

120 Minute Massage using our special calming blend of oils (high-grade essential oils including Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage) for the ultimate in relaxation and aromatherapy. These oils are selected for their calming and relaxing side effects. We will also wrap your feet in our exclusive hot lavender towels and use them throughout the massage to increase relaxation and decrease tension. You will feel completely #Blissedout after this experience.

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