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Our signature facial treatments are the key to unlocking your skin’s full potential. Our team of expert aestheticians uses the latest techniques and high-end products to provide you with a truly rejuvenating spa experience. From acne to aging, we will target your concerns gently and effectively. We use only the best products in all of our treatments, including the luxurious, Yon-ka products from France. All our products are carefully selected to provide maximum results, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best. Our aestheticians are highly trained and have a deep understanding of the skin. They will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and delivers the best possible results.

iS CLINICAL Facials/Dermaplaning

a safe and painless exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

Yonka facials

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Cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin, revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion.


Our aestheticians use only the best products and techniques to ensure a comfortable waxing experience.


Our aestheticians will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your specific skincare needs.

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Deluxe HydraFacial

This custom treatment includes a deep cleanse while exfoliating, and extracting impurities from the skin while simultaneously infusing nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin. The Deluxe HydraFacial also includes a personalized Booster to address your specific skin concerns and LED Light Therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging.

Dermaplaning facial

A blade along with some CBD oil is used to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving the skin smooth, radiant, and better able to absorb products. After the dermaplaning portion is complete, we will apply a cooling masque before we begin a 15-minute LED light treatment to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Finished with hydrating and nourishing serums, as well as a moisturizer and SPF. Leaving your skin smooth, protected, and hydrated!

Fire & ice facial (including décolleté)

A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening, and encouraging cellular renewal. We will start with a cleanse including steam, then an intense resurfacing masque (hint the fire), a second cleanse, and a cooling hydrating masque that is massaged in with our cold facial globes (now is the ice).

Honey enzyme facial

This luxurious exfoliating, hydrating facial enhances skin with gentle massage and soothing hydration. Start with a Creamy Cleanser, followed by a Honey Enzyme treatment cleanser with steam, including a Lavender Silk Massage. Your exfoliation is done with a simple and light Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque and steam (containing salicylic acid, copper PCA, papaya enzymes, and Brazilian blood orange extract). Accompanied by the refreshing Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque. Perfect for all skin types!

Exfoliating clear skin facial

iS Clinical's advanced treatment application is designed for gentle exfoliation with soothing and healing benefits for oily, congested, acne-prone, or otherwise problematic skin. Including 15 mins. of Blue LED LightWave therapy that destroys P. Acne (the bacterium that causes acne and its accompanying inflammation), stopping bacteria at the source, and helping prevent future acne breakouts. Blue LED also helps to reduce the skin's oil production, which can also help acne-prone skin types. This facial deep-cleanses, smoothes, and polishes to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, and provides soothing hydration, promoting the look of the skin’s overall health.

Hydralessence  (includes double hydrating masque) 90mins

This facial provides intense hydration to soothe, rebalance and renew your skin. A nourishing cleanse, gentle exfoliation, and boosting your skin's hydration with Yon-Ka’s moisturizing masque. Followed by hydrating creme and serum for the best facial massage. Perfect for dehydrated skin, suitable for all skin types.

Alpha vital  (includes fruit masque) 60mins | 90mins

This facial treatment relaxes, restores, and refreshes your skin. Renewing your skin using a gentle peel, followed by an organically sourced fruit acid peel (AHA/BHA). Helping you further relax while revitalizing your skin using Yon-Ka’s anti-wrinkle hydrating Alpha-Fluid. Plus a detoxifying clay masque, finished with a lightweight moisturizer and SPF. A great facial for fine lines and wrinkle prevention.

$140 | $180
Time Resist Facial  | 60min

Step into the world of Time Resist and embark on a luxurious journey to rediscover your skin's youthful radiance. This premium anti-aging facial is a symphony of indulgence and innovation, beginning with a professional deep exfoliation and followed by Yon-Ka's exclusive techniques tailored to combat wrinkles. The pinnacle of this experience is an exceptional professional mask, lifting and tightening your skin to reveal a smooth, revitalized complexion, adorned with the diminished traces of time.

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