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Anne Gustafik

Oregon LMT #26680
Anne graduated from a massage & hydrotherapy program at the Arizona School of Integrated Studies in 2001. For over 10 years she practiced massage at a day spa and in her own private practice in Sonoma, CA. It is her passion in life to create a safe space where you can truly relax and let go of the stress we carry with us every day- to give your sore, achy muscles a break from all the hard work you do. She uses a confident, grounded, and intuitive touch that can listen to your body to find those areas that are asking for help. Her goal with clients on her table is to find that sweet spot where relaxation and therapeutic touch meet and they can leave feeling relaxed and renewed with less pain. She is trained in multiple modalities from deep relaxation techniques to help the nervous system to deeper connective tissue and trigger point work to help those muscles and holding patterns that cause so much discomfort. Anne believes in creating a massage that is personal to you while listening to what your unique needs are. When not doing massage, she loves traveling and exploring the beautiful areas surrounding Portland with her 2 kids and dogs.
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Adrienne Fontenot

Oregon Esthetician License #COS-FT-10224295
Adrienne graduated from Spectrum Advanced Laser Institute. After coming to terms with her own challenges when it comes to skincare, she developed a passion for understanding skincare ingredients and passing on this knowledge to make it accessible for everyone to meet their skin goals. Whether you're looking for a quick pick me up with some hair removal or have long term skin goals Adrienne would be happy to create a plan to make you feel like your best self"

Brittany Smith

Oregon LMT #22769
Brittany graduated from East West College in Portland, Oregon in 2016 and has dedicated every day to a career she truly loves. Her specialty is relaxation massage and her goal is finding the areas most in need of relaxation, focusing on those areas while giving a comprehensive total body experience. She wants her clients to feel the relaxation when they leave her table.

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Destiney Ames, LMT

Oregon LMT #26201
Destiney is an LMT graduate from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy located in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017. She just began her 6th year in this career and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Specializing in Injury and Pain management as well as a combination of Swedish, Myofascial Release, and Russian Sports Massage, she aims to provide a peaceful space for each individual client.

Destiney enjoys learning new ways to increase self-care for every lifestyle. Outside of work, she enjoys filling in her time making essential oil blends, being outside with her 2 Aussie puppies exploring this big, beautiful world and making sure to spread kindness and positivity every day.
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Darian Nemec, LMT

Oregon LMT #21116
Darian has been a massage therapist for 8 years, she trained at East West College of the Healing Arts and graduated in 2014. She has cultivated her massage skills to being able to give you a calming, relaxing experience while still targeting those pesky areas that really bother you. Darian also loves spending time outdoors, playing pool competitively, and reading.
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Jarrett Addleman

Jarret Addleman is a graduate of East-West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in relaxation massage, his firm, grounded touchsoothes taught tissues and encourages tranquility through Swedish, Deep Tissue, and joint mobilization. Jarret brings his calming presence and intuitive palpation skills to each client, creating a soothing experience tailored to your needs. Join him for a moment of bliss and take the time for you!

Jennifer Buchanan LMT/Owner

Oregon LMT #20527
Jennifer Oulds graduated with honors from Everest College in Seattle, Washington in June 2009. She started her massage career at a clinic in Bothell, Washington where she practiced treatment and deep tissue massage for 4 years. She moved to the Portland area in the summer of 2012 and began working in a spa setting. She enjoyed learning hot stone and catering to a diverse clientele. Jennifer enjoys massage in all forms and loves to listen and provide to her clients what they want and need. Massage is her true passion and calling. Come in and see Jennifer and let her customize a massage just for you.
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Joseph Gillman

Oregon LMT #23871
A retired professional dancer from New York, Joseph has over 20 years of experience in studying human movement, anatomy, kinesthetic awareness, and bodywork. His massage specialties include deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage – with occasional movement or guided imagery to help engage the nervous system in the healing process. Joseph believes his role is as a facilitator, a partner in your unique journey towards health, well being, and freedom from pain.

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Kelly Davis

Oregon LMT #26116
Kelly is a licensed massage therapist and has been practicing massage for 10 years. She is dedicated to supporting her clients in their health and wellbeing through an integrative and intuitive bodywork practice, using many different modalities and pressure to create a restorative session. She has been said to give the “Goldilocks” massage, not too deep and not too light, but just right.

 I want every client to leave the table feeling refreshed, renewed, better able to move in their body, and calmer in their mind.

Outside of massage, Kelly is a trained yoga therapist and is studying to be a holistic health coach. She enjoys always learning new information to help others and herself achieve wellness and live a more fulfilled healthy life.  Kelly enjoys spending her free time with her sons, husband, 3 dogs, and backyard 
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Kristine Lohoff, LMT

Oregon LMT #24920
Kristine graduated from the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego in 2009. She has worked for numerous day spas since the start of her career. Kristine obtained her esthetician license in 2017 to become dual licensed and has recently moved back to the Portland area to be near family. She loves being able to restore balance into her clients’ bodies through healing touch. Her massage methods are adjusted to her clients’ wishes and needs. She has experience in a wide range of modalities and customizes them into a memorable, therapeutic, and relaxing treatment.

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Lindsay Schrack, LMT

Oregon LMT #25724
Before becoming a licensed massage therapist in September of 2018, I spent over two decades in the retail/merchandising industry from Hawaii (where I grew up) to Oregon, Alaska, Indiana, and back to Oregon. The physical work engaged my body, and sales/customer service engaged my mind, however I wasn’t happy. Shortly after my son’s first birthday I realized I was going to need a career that not only supported us financially, but also showed my son that it’s possible to love what you do for work.

As I was surfing the web one night, an ad popped up for the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in Alexandria, Indiana. The feeling of having butterflies in my stomach hit me, and I knew if I didn’t apply to this school right now, I would regret it. So, I applied, they accepted me and each day I attended school with that same excited feeling in my gut.

Even after more than two years into my massage therapy journey, each day at work I feel that tingle of gratitude and excitement that my job is to help clients make a mind/body connection for better health
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Marissa Lobos, Spa Manager

Marissa calls herself the ultimate drifter. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a focus in art, media & entertainment and then set sail for California. After exploring Southern California, she was ready for a new adventure in the PNW and had her heart set on Portland. Helping others grow their business is a passion of hers and is striving to have one of her own one day. In her free time, you can find her podcasting, dancing in rain, or screaming at your local soccer game!

Noelle Reese, LMT

Oregon LMT #25652
Noelle is a recent graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR, where she received over 800 hours of massage therapy training. During her time at school, Noelle learned techniques in Swedish, Tuina, Shiatsu, Myofascial, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology Massage. During each massage session, she works to create a relaxing and healing environment for each individual that encourages self care.

She is currently attending Oregon State University part time towards a degree in Nutrition, with plans to work towards a degree in Acupuncture in the next few years.

When not working or doing homework, Noelle enjoys spending time with her cat, painting watercolor, playing her ukulele, and adventuring with friends.

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Rebecca Koppes, ESTHETICIAN

Oregon Esthetician License #COS-FT-1010161
Rebecca Koppes graduated from EuroInstitute of Skin Care of Beaverton and Board Certified Esthetician in 2006. She has an International Skin Care Diploma in – European, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic skin, and body typing. Certified in spa body treatments, manual lymphatic drainage, and full body waxing. Rebecca has been in the field for 10 years. She works to provide the perfect environment to stimulate the mental, spiritual and physical well being to of all her clientele. She brings her calm and nurturing presence to every client.

richard Everts, LMT

Oregon LMT #24204
Richard graduated from East West College. He has worked for several years in the sports industry before becoming a massage therapist. He specializes in therapeutic deep tissue and Swedish massage. Come and take a break out of your day to relieve yourself of stress and tension. You will walk away thanking yourself for some much needed self care.

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Sierra Milligan, Spa Manager

Sierra graduated from Bella Institute of Cosmetology in July of 2020. She found a passion for skincare at a young age, and always knew she wanted a career focused on helping others. As an Esthetician, she aims to provide quality services that are always customized to the client’s wants and needs. She hopes that each client she gets the opportunity to work with, leaves the spa feeling wonderful inside and out!
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